You know what fucking kills me to think about? I have all these friends who are doing things with their lives, getting married, graduating college, everything, and I hear people go on and on about how proud they are of those people. I’ve never had someone say they’re proud of me. Never. The fact that I struggle with waking up each morning and not fucking offing myself, just hearing someone say to me that they’re “proud of me for not giving up” or they’re proud of me for fucking something. I’d kill to feel like someone actually gave a flying fuck about me for once. I will drop anything for anyone in a heartbeat, but I don’t think anyone would do the same for me and it kills me to feel so fucking alone.

Anonymous asked:
Is it an anniversary? Did some1 die?

Yup. And nope, but someone should have.

Anonymous asked:
Okay but why?

Not something I feel like talking about right now.

Anonymous asked:
What happened. What's wrong

It’s just a bad day, every year. It sucks.

Anonymous asked:
What's July 7th to you?

It’s just a really bad day personally.


it sucks so much how little people understand about being involved in someone’s life who has depression

the world will now learn of change to come…or no world

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